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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Invocation of Thoth

This post has to go with a word of warning. I should have been a lot more careful when I made this video.
 Thoth is an Egyptian God and I am not Egyptian, I am a Brythonic Celt, that’s all I am from as far back as I know. I usually do not mix my metaphors but in this case I thought I was simply making a video. It turns out there was more to it than that.
The invocation of Thoth is a ritual translated by Alan Bennett from old Egyptian manuscripts. His translation was adapted by his friend, Aleister Crowley, into the Liber Israfel’ The Liber is what I used in the making of this video. Yes, I’m old enough to know better.
When performing any kind of ceremonial Magic and especially when it involves invoking a powerful spirit, proper care and attention should be paid to the environment and to the process known as “Grounding” The action of grounding is one I often refer to in my books, it involves a recognition of the world as being the place we belong at this time. We inhabit a material world, a reality that we should not lose sight of.
 When I made this video I was not considering any of that. After all, I wasn’t really invoking, I wasn’t trying to do anything magical. That was the first mistake, I rose up powerful energies and the energy had nowhere to go. I had no intent outside of making a cute video and Thoth is not cute. I was not paying attention to my environment, in other words I had not created a sacred space around what I was doing so the energy had nowhere to go except in me. Finally it had not occurred to me to do the things necessary to keep me on this plane. The simple things like eating and drinking.
The end result was that I had the heebie jeebies. I was disoriented for over a week. It took me a long time and the assistance of friends to bring me back from between the worlds. The experience was not pleasant and I hope not to repeat it, although I did, once again, make a mistake during a Druid ritual. That story is for another time.

 For now; If you dare to listen to the video, be warned. I got so caught up in the intensity of the invocation I didn’t realize I actually was invoking Thoth. So here it is; The Invocation of Thoth. The background music is “Om Namaha Shivaya” Arranged by Robert Gass.

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Iamb Trochee said...

I really love your recording of the invocation, the profundity of the invocation combined with that beautifully medlodic welsh accent is music to my ears. I've been using your recording to listen and prepare before I perform the invocation myself for the last month or so. Esecpially yesterday since it was August 6, a day sacred to Thoth, and also happened to be Wednesday, day of mercury, so it was the perfect time. This invocation is brilliant for preparing oneself to engage in artful expression, my writing just flows like crazy a day or two after the invocation, and also the request to 'aid and guard me in this work of art' is a particularly moving exhortation. So, many thanks my friend for this little gift. Highly appreciated ;)