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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dirty Jokes from the Old Man

My big plan was to write a series of rather serious books on the subject of Magic. I have very clear ideas of what magic is and how to bring it into your life with some astounding results. I'm learning all about self-publishing and the joys of Kindle and it's fun learning about this new and exciting medium.
My first two books are in the series I've called "The Tools of Magic" It seemed to be going well until I began my third book "The Magic Wand"  The observant reader will notice it hasn't been written yet.
I know what to write but I just couldn't make it flow. Nothing seemed to come out the way I intended. The authors that I converse with online suggested that I put it to one side and write something totally different. Then I would be able to go back to it with a refreshed state of mind.
Here it is, something totally different. "Dirty Jokes from the Old Man" I love storytelling and I do have a twisted sense of humour. They were fun to write, some I heard over the years, some are new and some are ones I've made up from experiences I have had in my wicked and sinful life. No! I am not saying which ones fall into that last category. Some are just people in funny situations. I have a chapter of newspaper clippings, "Why Newspapers are fun to read" it proves that real life can't be written, it's just too damn funny.

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