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Friday, July 20, 2012

Born again, and again and again

Reincarnation can be a tricky subject for sure. I was recently involved in a Twitter discussion on the subject and I discovered that attempting to make a point in 140 characters or less is also tricky. The third tricky subject is definitions. So I thought I would spell out my views on my blog. It’s also worth mentioning that my views come from three sources: experiences, hearing and reading the old Welsh Myths and legends and from conversations with the wise.
To begin with definitions, the third bit of tricky. When I speak of reincarnation I’m referring to the basic “I” the part of me that really is me, eternal and developing, learning and growing but always me.
There are some who believe that when we die we return to the basic life force. That force may be referred to as the Goddess or something else. The analogy I have heard is of electricity, the life force is something like an electric current that lights up a string of light bulbs. When one goes out it is replaced but the current remains. I reject this view; this is a view that negates the person and the concept of eternal growth for us all.
Most of my views on life and death are based on the principle of the Triquetra and I set them out in an article I wrote for HubPages. Basically, I am convinced that we are eternal beings with an eternal essence. The universe is made up of matter and consciousness and just as matter cannot be destroyed only changed in form, so is consciousness. It may change from one life to another but it is never destroyed. We are on a great and eternal quest, an adventure beyond our imagining while in a mortal frame. You and I will always be you and I. We meet as we walk the long and winding road and we always aid and uplift each other even when it doesn’t seem that way.
Everyone is where they are supposed to be along the quest, some are in a tight, well organized religion, and some are free spirited and open to all views. Where you are is where you are, but one thing seems very real to me. When we do leave this mortal frame, when we cast off this suit of clothes we call a body, we will know for sure because in this question of what happens after death, there can only be one answer.
So if you hear that I’ve died, and then you meet a kid with dark hair, blue eyes and a Welsh way about him, keep your hand on your wallet. I’m back.

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