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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prosperity Ritual

One of the saddest and most disturbing things I hear about is people who follow the pagan Path finding themselves in dire poverty. I am referring to homes lost, cars repossessed and even homelessness. There seems to be something quite wrong about this. Those who have given their lives to honoring the old Gods should not end up this way. Since getting involved in Twitter and Facebook, especially Twitter where almost all of the people I interact with are Pagan, I have become more and more concerned with the brothers and sisters who find themselves in dire straits.
Those who love the Goddess and give honor to the Gods of nature should not find themselves in such a situation. I am firmly convinced that abundance is our goal. Enough to meet your needs is not sufficient. If all you have is enough for your needs then you have nothing to contribute to the truly needy and helpless. How can we donate to causes and give material aid to those in real need if all we have is enough for ourselves. So here, in this blog, I want to share a prosperity ritual. Drawing wealth to yourself through Magic.
Create an Altar specifically for this task. Declare to the Gods and to yourself that this is a Sacred Place. Every morning have your favorite Tarot deck prepared. Place upon your altar four cards from your deck using the 10 cards. These are the cards of abundance in the four suits. Place the 10 of Pentacles in the North, Swords in the East, Wands in the South and Cups in the West. Below the cards place a stone in the north, a feather in the east, a candle in the south and a small vessel of water in the west. In the center place whatever money you may have with you that morning. It doesn’t matter if it is only a coin put it there.
The next part I cannot tell you what to do. This is a matter for yourself, your needs and your relationship to the Gods. All I can give are general guides. First prepare yourself. What you are doing must be done with intent and awareness. Do not let your mind wander from the task at hand. Feel within you your love for the Gods and for the World we live upon. Spend some time in feeling the earth and exploring your feelings. Facing the North, let your consciousness flow down beneath your feet. Feel your consciousness moving below the rock, through the magma down to the very core of the Earth. Then draw that power through the Earth back up into your body. Feel the strength and energy of the Earth fill you.  Face the East, the direction of the rising Sun. Use your own words, drawing upon the way your preparation has filled your being and call abundance to yourself. Repeat this ritual every morning.
Magic appears to most of us in two ways; luck and coincidence. Pay attention, luck and coincidence will occur in your life, be prepared to move in the direction they take you.  Then you will be able to say, as I do every day;
“ I am Goddess Blessed”

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