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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am Welsh

I've been wanting to make this Rant for a while. It seems so few Welsh people Know or appreciate what a great country we are or of the contributions Welsh people have mad in the World.
The editing was done by my 17 year old son. I should point out that though I am a fan of Penderyn distillery and especially of their product, the making of this video was done without their knowledge or consent (Gulp) They have no part in this and I receive no compensation from them. (However a couple of bottles would not go amiss) So;
Pob Hwyl i pob Cymro, which can be translated as "The Welsh have all the fun"

The Rant

Taf is a river, it is not my name.
And no, I am not a Coal Miner or a Shepherd. I never went to school with Anthony Hopkins or Tom Jones and I never dated Catherine Zeta Jones. Though that would have been an affair to remember.
I speak Welsh and English and I can proudly say in two languages that Wales is Forever.
My country’s flag is a Dragon standing ready to fight and when Dafydd Williams, the Welsh-Canadian Astronaut took our flag to the moon, he also took a Rugby Cap. Because we are Rugby Nation !!
Welsh people have contributed more to this world than any country its size. In America; 20% of the founding fathers, 50% of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, many of the Presidents come from Welsh Parents. The first female Prime Minister of Australia is from Bari, the Police Force of Hong Kong was begun by Welshmen. The architect, Frank Lloyd Wright was Welsh, so was the surveyor Sir George Everest who gave his name to the tallest mountain in the World.
Wales is not large in size and we have a small distillery, but the word is getting out that the best Whiskey in the World can be found in a bottle of Penderyn.
Not only is Penderyn the best Whiskey; the Welsh Corgi is a fine animal, the Leek is a noble vegetable, Welsh Cakes are a food and the mid-day meal is Dinner!! Not Lunch Dinner!!
You may never have heard of the laws of Hywel Dda. They were based on a principle that became known as “Fair Play” We took that principle far beyond the Island of Britain. Our missionaries, explorers and settlers spread that idea across the Earth. Welsh people, their children and grand children are influencing the World still. The Land of my Fathers is the Mother Country of half the World.
So learn our names. We are not “Taffy” we are the Cymry.

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