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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taking money for your Psychic Gifts

I have to make some things clear from the beginning. I am opposed to collecting money in return for sharing our sacred gifts. Whether it be Healing, Divination, contacting the Ancestors or any other spiritual practice. That does not mean I condemn or judge all those who do charge. Many have good and kind hearts and have honorable reasons. I do condemn those who prey upon people in their most vulnerable moments.
I’ve been giving readings for as long as I knew that I could. I have a favorite Tarot deck I also have a large Crystal that I invite the seekers to look into. I have never had anyone see the same thing, everyone who looks sees something different. I have a number of other various items that I use. In all the years I have been helping people I had never charged for it. Some years ago, friends of mine who own a New Age Shop started a Psychic Fair twice a month and they asked me if I would participate. I’m always up for something new so I went along. So for the first time I was being paid for my abilities. It made me somewhat uncomfortable and after a while I stopped. They are good people and the others who participated were very ethical and I made friends that are with me still. It just didn’t feel good.
Another thing I soon realized with the people that came to the Fair, looking for answers, was that in fact I gave very few Psychic readings. What typically would happen was that I would notice something, in the cards or whatever, and when I mentioned it the floodgates would open. Everything that was worrying and confusing them would come pouring out. Because I could look at the situation from the outside with no emotional attachment to the problem, I could give clarity. I never gave advice I just opened up the situation and let them see the alternatives for themselves. Unusual experience for me, I cited pressures of work and backed out.
From time to time I get referred. I get a call from someone who will want a “Psychic Reading” Almost the first question is; “How much do you charge?” Money has become the measure of value. That may be a fine thing for the purchase of material goods but it has no place in the realm of Spirit.  Shortly after I quit the fair I received a phone call from a young woman. The call was garbled and I couldn’t make out what the situation was over the phone. I invited her round to my house and we talked. It turned out that this young woman had been dating a young man and had fallen in love. She got pregnant and as soon as he found out he dumped her. She desperately wanted him back and so she had gone to one of those store front Psychics. The kind who have neon signs and Saturday specials. They had told her that they would get him back for her, they would meditate and light candles and only charge her $80 a month. She was calling me because she wanted to know if I could do the same thing only cheaper. I told her that she didn’t need a psychic to tell her she is better off without the bum and I couldn’t bring myself to take money from her. The things that are happening in the guise of the psychic arts are obnoxious in the extreme.
The sacred art of the Seer is being sold on the market place.
Not just the Seer. I have watched with horror the Christian charlatans who supposedly heal incurable diseases in front of huge physical and television audiences. The showmanship and fakery is obvious but the sick and desperate, clutching to any straw, send them vast amounts of money.
The sacred rite of healing has become mass entertainment. As has the quest for our ancestors. Here charlatanism is particularly rife. Those who have lost a loved one are extremely vulnerable. There are those of us who see the life after this one as very real, it’s a happening thing. There is more going on there than most folks realize. All my experience has convinced me that anyone who asks for money in return for contacting the dead does not know what is going on there.
So here it is folks. My philosophy, take it or leave it:
“Do not profit from another’s pain.”


free phone psychic readings said...

Wow you have really good and clear thoughts and the topic of this article is really great. The ending line of your article is really great that “Do not profit from another’s pain.”

Jamie said...

I believe the same as you that you can't, nor should you put a price on gifts.
I also don't judge nor do I condemn those that do. Each to their own I say.
Thank you for writing this. It does the soul good to see that there is still goodness out in the world. That another with a gift realizes that taking money for what was given to us for free, takes a bit of the beautiful wonderful gift we really have is.

Instant Calm said...

Sure, every one has a skill, and what is needed in this world is genuine service at the right price, this is where it matters most if you look at it in the long run. But great service is uncommon.